We have several different programs to fit your needs. 

One on One personal training.

You and your trainer focusing in on you and your individual needs to help guarantee your personal success.

Group Fitness

Hip Hop Aerobics, Cardio Blast , Explosive Sports Training, and Hydrotone.
All of these programs are in a group setting and really push you but also still allow you to set your individual levels. All are relatively low cost but high quality.

Sports Training

This is for the dedicated athlete looking to get that edge needed to become that great athlete. We train athletes in virtually every sport imaginable. Our athletes get notice and often are the top in their fields. (working with youth thru adult athletes)

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Boot Camp

Our boot camp gives you what you need to get in the best shape of your life. Our sessions are 45 minutes of sweat dripping, heart pumping, and butt kicking burst training and cardio combined. We use a combination of sports training, resistance training, and aerobic exercise. All known to raise your heart rate and burn calories long after the session is over. We keep the classes smaller to make sure that all participants get the most out of the butt kicking workout.  We guarantee that you will lose weight and get fit. It is all up to you, we provide the workout and you provide the sweat.

Monday- Friday at 5:30 pm at Litton Park