About Us

Team Edge and Fitness was created in the year 2004 under the name “Frierson Fitness”.  In 2007, the name was changed to a name that better fit the services provided and the feel of the company. “Team” being once you start with the company you are a part of a team and no longer alone in your pursuits.  “Edge” meaning the training you will receive will be at the cutting edge and will give you the edge to reach your goals, and “fitness” well that speaks for itself. The founder of Team Edge and Fitness, Ricko E. Frierson, is a former multi-sports star, coach, and bodybuilder. For the majority of his life, he's trained for recreation and sports. As a child, he was extremely influenced by bodybuilding and sports.  He would read “Muscle and Fitness magazine “from cover to cover and learned how the greats of bodybuilding (Lee Haney, Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Tom Platz, Lee Labrada) developed their amazing bodies .  Through his school years, he excelled in multiple sports football, wrestling, swimming, and track and field. He received many athletic offers to multiple Division I and II colleges but decided to enter the work force instead. Later  he entered college (mtsu) as a student parent majoring in Exercise  Science.  While in college Ricko coached and hosted athletic clinics to help athlete reach their full potential. While training these athletes he noticed that he was able to perform at the same or even greater level than these elite athletes. He decided to attempt to play professional sport.  He entered multiple professional workouts wowing the scouts with amazing workout numbers. At 6’0” tall 250 lbs he ran consistent 4.4 40 yard dashes, jumped 38+ vertical, and press 225 on the bench 45+ times at his camps. These performances afforded him short term contracts with AFL, AFL2, and NFL teams.  Even though never seeing game day for these teams he received knowledge to help other athletes bridge the gap between being a prospect to an actual pro athlete. Upon finishing his pro football pursuit he returned to his first love, “Bodybuilding” and “powerlifting”.  With his knowledge of the human body and what it takes for it to respond to change in diet, exercise, and rest he has assisted 100s reach their fitness goal.